An Innovative Nano-technology Based Coating Which Blocks Out The Passing Of Infrared (Ir) Solar Radiation

CanAm HEATSHIELD helps avoid excessive increase of temperature inside living spaces directly exposed to sun, blocking the transmission of the heat frequencies from the outside. For use on all kind of windows, windshields, or any glass surface.

Nanotechnology-based product designed for glass surfaces. Blocks out infrared radiation.

Product for all types of glass surfaces that are directly exposed to solar radiation. Specially recommended for: glazed surfaces of buildings and windscreens.


  • The product reduces temperature approximately 25%, enabling to modulate the blocking capacity (in terms of amount of radiation filtered) according to the number of layers applied.
  • Significant reduction of the energy consumption in cooling processes, achieving savings of operating costs of air conditioning systems up to 60%.
  • Easy application with any conventional spray gun or with cleaning tools (articulated sponge, cloth, etc.).
  • Resistant to cleaning processes with conventional cleaners/chemicals, keeping unaltered the IR blocking properties.
  • Keeps the glass appearance totally transparent.
  • High durability and re-applicable / repairable if necessary. It can be removed without using special techniques, if necessary.
  • Its high performance (35 m2/L approx. for a standard protection layer) and highly competitive price, make it one of the most effective solutions currently available in the market.

Total resistance to UV radiation.

Durability of 10 years under the appropriate conditions of use and application.