CanAm Scientific proudly provides a new approach to infection control to meet demanding hygiene standards. Anti-microbial door handles use innovative design and advanced solution providing clean-touch technology to maintain continuous and complete 99.999% anti-microbial surface protection.

Simple Installation

Designed to industry standard 225m bolt pitch ensures it’s quick and easy to fit and use in minutes.

International Compliance

Anti-microbial performance meets international standards BSEN 1276, BSEN 13704, BSEN 1656, BSEN 14204, BSEN 1500.

Ergonomically Designed

The Pull 225 grip material and clean-touch design is pleasant and safe to use offering a non-slip surface that encourages use of the handle.

Lifecycle Costs

The Pull 225 provides the most cost effective method of ensuring continual user protection. The innovative design allows the simple maintenance tasks to be carried out by existing staff in seconds using environmentally friendly products to eliminate waste.

Continual Care

The clean-touch handle surface is constantly treated with anti-microbial solution eliminating any risk of intermittent bacteria , virus, spore or fungi growth within seconds.

World Leading Protection

The advanced anti-microbial fluid kills more infections and provides greater protection e.g. Norovirus, C-Diff, Staphylococcus, etc than other antibacterial products available.

Full Protection

99.9999% clean-touch surface area ensures all users are protected by a skin friendly anti-microbial solution.

Simple Maintenance

Innovative design ensures that the securely locked system can be refilled in seconds to ensure ongoing care for users.

Infection Control on Door Handles

The antibacterial door handle uses a superior disinfectant that kills germs and bacteria in seconds and provides continuous protection for all users with no health, safety or environmental concerns, as proven by NHS testing.

Protection by innovative design & material science. They’re everywhere. Invisible. Harmful. Bacteria and viruses cover over 90% of common use door handle surfaces. The Axiene product has been designed to provide affordable protection to support care in a range of organisations and businesses such as healthcare, food processing, hospitality, multi-use facilities, education or leisure. This means improved wellbeing for your customers and your business and related opportunities to offer market leading infection control and customer care

CanAm helps you to get a handle on infection control within your workplace, improves hygiene and safeguards your business. Unlike many available fluid, gel, spray or metal coating based products available, the PC20 uses clean-touch technology that feels pleasant, encourages people to use the handle, kills pathogens in seconds and doesn’t rely on people remembering to use the supplementary cleaning gels.