Customizable Recycling Bins For Any Recycling Program

You already know that recycling is good for your company and for our planet. But you might be surprised to know that an effective recycling program can also be good for your bottom line.

From complete recycling centers to desktop solutions such as the Mini Bin, you can rest assured that all of our recycling containers are made with the highest recycled content available. On top of that, our containers themselves can be recycled at the end of their life, completing a waste-free process.

No matter what type of business you’re in – from large facilities and institutions to quick service restaurants and corporate environments – we can help you determine the right recycling solution for your needs.

Arena and Stadium Recycling Programs and Bins

Arena and stadium recycling programs may seem like a tough job to tackle. But these large venues also offer some benefits that you may not be aware of.

In stadiums, a massive volume of waste generated in a short period of time. It requires specially designed recycling equipment to keep up with the demand. Most stadiums do not allow outside food and refreshments to be brought in. This means that you can equip your recycling containers with customized recycling posters. The posters clearly show what items can go in each stream which can significantly cut down on your stream contamination.

Large recycling containers also offer great branding opportunities. And showcase that environmental protection is important to your organization.

Commercial and Office Recycling Bins and Programs

In any industry, corporate culture can have a large effect on the success of an office recycling program. When a company embraces recycling and has buy-in from senior management, success is practically guaranteed. 

At Graybar, a leading North American distributor of electrical, communications, data networking and security products, office recycling was not really top-of-mind for employees. Part of the problem was that although there was a central recycling bin, it wasn’t very accessible to all employees and the easier solution was to throw their recyclables into the garbage cans at each of their desks.

To switch thinking around, they were supplied with Mini Bins – a mini trash can at each desk with a label that reads: This is all the garbage I make. They also installed desk-side recycling containers. Now employees have to carry their Mini Bin to a central trash bin and can easily recycle at their desk. This switch has changed their waste diversion rate – from just 15% to an impressive 65%.

Recycling Programs and Bins for Facilities Managers

Implementing a recycling program for your facility doesn’t have to be a daunting task. We can help facility managers create programs for a broad range of multi-use buildings that house everything from concerts and conventions to schools, large corporations and even retail space.

Direct Energy Centre in Toronto, Canada’s largest facility with over one million square feet and millions of visitors, have a highly successful program with a waste diversion rate of just under 85% (much higher than the city-mandated rate of 70%).

Part of the success is due to the recycling bin graphics. With a multi-cultural and multi-lingual clientele, photos show exactly what goes where – making it really easy to do the right thing. Direct Energy Centre has also fully embraced organic recycling and use compostable packaging and utensils throughout the venue, contributing to less trash. 

Government & Municipal Recycling Programs

Part of government mandates are to keep their city’s parks, recreation centers and other public spaces clean and implementing an effective government recycling program is an important step to meet these goals.  The Town of Whitby wanted to reduce the amount of waste these spaces were producing (some of which only had a single blue recycling bin).

We introduced a four-compartment recycling bin to divert more waste from landfills. The thinking was that if residents were used to more recycling streams at home, why not introduce more streams in these public spaces too?

Since cross contamination can be quite high in public space recycling, Whitby introduced the new bins with a “Sort it Right” theme that included signage and educational material as well to help residents easily sort waste properly. So far, they have deployed 31 recycling bins and will conduct a waste audit to measure the success of the program.

Recycling for Industrial & Manufacturing Facilities

We have helped some of the largest manufacturing facilities of cell phones and automobiles save thousands of dollars in waste disposal and safety equipment by designing customized recycling bins to support their unique recycling needs.

Industrial waste can vary and in many cases be reused.  Besides all paper, packaging, cardboard and food waste, items such as gloves, hair nets, and earplugs are a large part of the materials that need to be safely collected and separated from other waste streams.

One manufacturing facility with 5000+ employees was disposing of hundreds of safety glasses a day.  The Flex E bin was used with customized top plates was the perfect solution.  Placed right next to the safety glass dispensary, the Flex E™ Bin aids in collecting not only the used glasses but the plastic film removed upon first use.  These glasses are now collected and reused and have generated a huge cost savings for the plant.

The Flex E™ Bin is just one of many recycling bin solutions ideal for manufacturing.

Hospital and Medical Recycling Programs and Bins

Because Hospitals are such large facilities with intricate operations and employee systems, recycling programs most often end up being uncoordinated, and lack support.  Hospital waste is also considered one of the most complex waste streams of any industry and they produce a phenomenal volume.

The Good News?  According to the World Health Organization, about 80% of hospital waste is general waste! Paper is the largest part of the waste stream at hospitals including white paper , cardboard etc. all of which are high value recyclable materials.

Hospitals can take small steps towards reducing their carbon footprint and become leaders in lowering their carbon output by using renewable energy sources, minimizing waste reduction with effective recycling programs, and more.

The BevvyBin is just one of many recycling bin solutions ideal for hospitals.

Because of the fast nature of fast-food restaurants, people are usually in and out of there quickly and often don’t spend much time sorting their waste. To help customers get it right, an effective restaurant recycling program is needed. We design recycling units with unique recycling graphics and custom openings to make sorting quick, easy – and correct. This reduces cross contamination and reduces the amount of reusable trays and other items being mistakenly thrown out that can either be resued or recycled.

Thanks to the success of Tim Hortons’ recycling program, they were able to introduce their Cup-to-Tray program – the first ‘closed-loop’ program by a QSR that turns hot beverage cups into take-out trays.

Their custom-built recycling stations, made of 97% recycled plastic, help to generate a very clean source of paper cups, allowing Tim Hortons to easily divert cups from landfills.

When it comes to recycling, education is key so implementing school and university recycling programs should be a no brainer. After all, environmental sustainability is even on the curriculum these days.

St. Andrew’s College had wholly embraced sustainability, so they like recycling stations from recycled plastic lumber made from 97% recycled content. Students are the ones who are really pushing the environmental programs at St. Andrews and along with a very successful recycling and composting program.

Customize color, opening shape, streams, and graphics.