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See how AMT-99 outperforms other masks.


AMT-99 Washable Face Mask

Advanced mask technology (AMT-99) is designed for a high protection efficiency against submicron particles and aerosols while remaining breathable and comfortable to wear in day to day situations. Composition: Polyester brushed knits laminated to an advanced barrier film.

Key Properties of AMT-99 Washable Face Mask

  • 99.9% bacteria filtration
  • Superior particle filtration (87.7%)
  • Highly breathable
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Reusable and washable

Wearing face masks (face coverings) can help prevent infectious respiratory droplets of a knowingly or unknowingly infected person from infecting other people.

CanAm’s AMT is designed to reduce the spread of infectious diseases by catching microbes expelled by the wearer yet also protects the wearer from microbes in their environment. When we cough, sneeze, talk, or simply breathe we emit droplets with potentially dangerous microbes. The smallest of these droplets (sometimes called aerosols) may hover or drift through the air for hours thereby potentially exposing anyone who enters that air space.

Superior particle filtration.
Washable face mask