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DLR coatings

Durable liquid repellency coatings.

Durable Liquid Repellency (DLR) products are teflon free, water based formulas designed to protect surfaces from liquids, oils, stains, dirt, grime, and particulates. A simple application of liquid glass forms an ultra-thin, flexible layer of protection between the environment and the surface you apply it to.

Superior surface protection.

Safe to human health and the ecosystem, DLR coatings help provide protection from pathogens, liquids, oils, staining, solvents, and many other damaging issues. No toxic elements are introduced to the environment when using this effective technology.

Liquid glass is the informal name for coatings of pure, safe, quartz glass or silicon dioxide (SiO2). Silicon dioxide is the most abundant mineral on earth and the chief ingredient in glass.