DLR Metal Coat

Superior Surface Protectant

Once a coating of DLR Metal Coat is applied the metal surface, it will become far more resistant to fingerprints, dirt, and grime and the actual process of cleaning will be far easier. In many cases, only plain water will be needed where once chemicals would be required to achieve the same result.

In recent tests it was found that not only was labour time significantly reduced, but the saving on chemicals and other cleaning products was reduced by over 86% which is a massive saving on standard cleaning practices.

Nano-Scale Bonding

In many business sectors the process of cleaning and keeping a high standard of hygiene is paramount. Left untreated, elevator walls, rails, and metals are highly susceptible to smudges, smears, and fingerprints. In almost all cases the cost of the actual cleaning chemicals/products and labour are a significant cost to the business.

When applied, our technology creates an ultra thin -100 nanometers* coating of glass that bonds directly to the surface at the Nano-scale level. This layer of liquid glass is so thin that it is not perceptible by site or touch, and is highly flexible and breathable.

100 nanometers = 0.0001 mm

Durable Liquid Repellency (DLR) is safe to use in all environments. When viewed under a microscope, liquid glass coatings appear as a continual film (a polymerized layer) of glass, unlike other nanotech surface protectants that contain nanoparticles, DLR Metal Coat contains no controversial nanoparticles. It is Superphobic which means that it is oleophobic (repels grease) and hydrophobic (repels water).


  • food safe & skin friendly
  • invisible
  • safe to the environment
  • long lasting & durable
  • anti-sticking characteristics
  • easy cleaning
  • will not change color or texture
  • easy to apply
  • air permeable
  • quick drying
  • anti microbial
  • oleophobic

Resistant to:

  • water, humidity & oil
  • soil & stains
  • bacteria & other microbes
  • mold & algae
  • abrasion
  • hydrolysis
  • staining
  • steam cleaners
  • oxidation
Multi Protect