Acclaym / Acclaym Hand Sanitizer

acclaym hand sanitizer

Acclaym Hand Sanitizer

kills, moisturizes, and protects

Acclaym takes the best features of each class of antimicrobial and wraps them into one, giving it a significant competitive advantage over other hand sanitizers, and it’s alcohol free.

Acclaym is the world’s first and only non-toxic hand sanitizer, giving you hours of germ killing protection.  Unlike other hand sanitizers that leach into the bloodstream, Acclaym’s GermShield™ technology creates a dry invisible layer of protection that stays on the surface of the skin and continues to kill harmful bacteria, germs and fungi for up to 6-hours.

Key Properties of Acclaym®

  • Safety – the size of the complex makes it non-toxic.
  • Efficacy – The second BZT layer is positioned with the heads exposed. These heads disrupt the bacteria cell membrane causing immediate death.
  • No Bacterial Resistance – Acclaym® kills bacteria by disrupting the cell membrane from outside the bacteria.
  • Kills, moisturizes and protects, all in one application.Creates an invisible shield of protection that continues to kill germs up to 6-hours.
  • Kills a broad spectrum of bacteria, viruses, fungi and mold.
  • Keeps your hands feeling soft and renewed.
  • Will not dry-out, crack or cause skin irritation.
  • Will not strip away your skin’s natural oils.
  • Alcohol-free, paraben-free, non-toxic, & non-leaching.
Kills, moisturizes, and protects.

Safe. Effective. Long Lasting Protection.


Most advanced formula.

Acclaym kills, moisturizes, and protects all in one application. It creates an invisible shield on your hands, continuing to kill germs and protects up to 6-hours. Your hands are kept feeling soft and renewed unlike other sanitizers that cause dry and cracked skin.
Increased Safety
  • Prevents absorption of Benzethonium Chloride.
  • Accelerates wound healing.
  • Prevents the promotion of bacterial tolerance associated with quaternary ammonium compounds.

Germshield technology.

Accalym is non-leaching / non-toxic.  For a substance to be toxic, it first needs to be absorbed.  Absorption is only possible when the substance is smaller than 500 Daltons (unit of size).  Acclaym is enormous at a size of 2.7 million Daltons.

Accalym kills bacteria by disrupting the cell membrane from outside the bacteria.  Bacteria have no defense for this type of injury and are unable to develop resistance.

Accelerates wound healing.

A wound healing study on Acclaym™ shows a statistically significant decrease in the wound area and the ability to inhibit leukocyte invasion as compared to a control group, suggesting acceleration in wound healing capacity. No adverse effects were observed as a results of treatment.

Prevents the promotion of bacterial tolerance associated with quaternary ammonium compounds.

  • Due to the differences in their mechanism of action, the likelihood of resistance in antiseptics is negligible when compared to antibiotics.
  • The development of tolerance towards antiseptics such as Benzethonium Chloride is due to a bacterial efflux pump, which applies to low molecular weight antiseptics, which may be readily pumped out of the bacterial cell.
  • The enormous size of Bioclay™ BZT and its mechanism of action against bacteria permits for optimal biocidal action without the chance of tolerance. Entry into the cell is prevented with particles reaching up to 2 Mega Daltons in size.