fire inhibitor
Police uniform treated with Fire Inhibitor creates char layer and does not ignite.

Fire Inhibitor.

Fire Inhibitor is a non-toxic, eco-friendly fire inhibitor. Unlike most fire retardants that are designed to resist fire for a short period of time, CanAm’s Fire Inhibitor was developed as a fire inhibitor, which renders treated materials non-flammable. Even flames from untreated materials cannot spread to Fire Inhibitor treated materials.

Key Properties

  • Will not flame or spread fire
  • No toxic smoldering or smoke
  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive
  • Colorless, odorless
  • Environmentally friendly, biodegradable
  • Water soluble
  • Easy application

Heat transfer reduction.

Reduction in heat transfer through clothing can be as high as 95%, protecting the wearer against intense heat, while remaining water resistant, stain resistant, abrasion and soiling resistant and all the other characteristics offered in our coating Technology.
fire inhibitor heat reduction
Shown here: a treated paper towel protects the bare hand under it.

Brominated flame retardant (BFR) free.

The EPA states that halogenated fire retardants and BFR’s (brominated fire retardants) are toxic and that one BFR variant PPBDE, causes cancer. Europe has banned BFR’s while the Canadian Government has called them “toxic”. North Americans have more of these substances in their bodies than any other populations in the world and these chemicals are directly related to health issues in humans and lower brain development in infants. BFR’s are manufactured in electronics, furniture, clothing and everyday items to protect against fire. BFR retardants are designed to reduce the speed of combustion, not eliminate it. When they do combust, their fumes add poisons to accumulated gases which increases toxicity and adds to the problem of a fire.


Hotel/Cruise Ship. Applications include all carpets, soft furnishings, wall coverings, decorative art pieces, drapes, mattresses and linens are some examples that can significantly reduce the risk of fire.

Aviation – In the Aviation business there is zero room for error with regard to safety. Applying our Non Toxic product to bulkhead coverings, linens, carpets, and seating will help ensure a far less risk of fire while on the ground or in the air.

Military/Fire services. Applications include treating tenting,  temporary barracks made of plywood / lumber, Field washing uniforms, or using our formula in the wash cycle. Field or factory spraying vehicle seat coverings as well as the foam inside seating and carpets will eliminate ignition and greatly reduce smoke spread  & cut heat transfer.

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CanAm FI has passed a battery of flammability testing in the US, Canada, UK, Singapore, and Malaysia that have met and exceeded specific UL, ASTM, NFPA.