hocl for horticulture

HOCl for Horticulture

Aqualution® kills bacteria, prevents biofilm build-up and keeps water clear for much longer than other cut flower products. Our products are based on hypochlorous acid (HOCl), a natural biocide which is present in the human immune system and harmless to people, animals and the environment.

HOCl products are revolutionising horticulture and the cut flower industry with significant improvements in product shelf life, post-harvest hydration, display solutions and consumer vase treatments.

Flower display solution:
In tests, Aqualution® significantly outperformed the market leading hydrating treatment in stem failure rates, biofilm, stem slime and water clarity. Similar results have been obtained with in-store and consumer phase bouquets.

HOCl for horticulture.

Our hypochlorous acid products have a wide range of horticultural uses of interest to growers, processors and the cut flower industry, as well as consumers.

HOCl can be used in hydroponics, to sanitize irrigation water, and to spray plants for disease prevention.

Post-harvest, rehydration, transportation
Aqualution® products can be used in bucket solutions and for spraying. In post-rehydration stem failure tests, roses treated with Aqualution significantly outperformed the market leader, Chrysal RVB. Shelf life, biofilm and water clarity are markedly improved. Aqualution spray is also effective in preventing botrytis (grey mould) in cut roses.

Consumer vase treatment
HOCl prolongs the vase life of flowers, improves water clarity and reduces biofilm slime.

Bucket water treated with HOCl can be recycled, as it’s non-toxic and safe for people, animals and the environment (it’s used to treat animal drinking water).