DLR Characteristics

DLR characteristics

DLR is a diverse product with a long list of impressive characteristics.

PFAS, PFOA, and PTFE free.

The characteristics of DLR.

This environmentally-friendly, crystal clear stain and spill protection lasts through multiple washings and does not change the color, texture, or breathability of fabric. DLR’s transparent spray is safe for both people and pets and is easy to use, requiring no preparation or personal protective equipment. Simply spray on and let dry.

Natural, Non-Toxic, and VOC Free.

Treated surfaces can be maintained with water only, reducing the need for soaps and chemical cleaners.  Our coatings are bacteriostatic (biostatic) so they resist the formation of biofilms, bacteria, algae, and mould.

Not perceptible by sight or touch.

An application of liquid glass forms an ultra-thin, flexible layer of protection between the environment and the surface. This clear, protective shield will not change the color, texture, or breathability of your textiles or solid surfaces.