hocl technology

HOCl technology.

Our technology generates a chemical produced by our immune system.


Salt is injected into the softened water flow and is fed into the electro-dialysis cell.

Our in-house designed electro-dialysis process produces a stable, fast-acting biocide with many different uses. This can be supplied as a ready-to-use bottled product, in bulk containers, or it can be generated on site from water, salt and electricity.
On-site generation is particularly useful in situations where the transport, delivery and storage of large volumes of liquid is costly and impractical, including agriculture, horticulture and the food processing industry.

Aqualution technology is safe for humans and animals, and kind to the environment. The equipment used to generate the biocide produces no hazardous by-products, and no special measures are needed to protect the environment from waste products, or to handle the product.

Aqualution Systems Ltd is the only company that has developed successful processes for manufacturing the biocide which make it stable without compromising its effectiveness. Our packaged products have a shelf-life of 12 months.

We are also one of only two companies producing hypochlorous acid to have achieved full compliance with the EU Biocides Regulation 528/2012.