hocl stability

HOCl stability.

Our ECA hypochlorous acid products are genuinely stable.


Non-toxic and pure.

The unique stability of our HOCl products is due to our specially developed electro-dialysis cell. It means our packaged products have a shelf life of 12 months, and also enables us to produce effective biocides over a very wide pH range. This has opened up the revolutionary power of hypochlorous acid-based disinfection to markets with small volume requirements.

This stability data has been validated by the EU biocides regulators’ Rapporteur Member State (RMS) and the competent authority technical committee.

Safe disposal.

This stable, safe, and environmentally friendly product is now benefiting a huge range of new customers whose disinfection needs are too small for an on-site generator.

They include vets, farmers, pet owners, care home managers, horticulturists, food producers, and many others.